It is impossible to prepare oneself for the loss of a loved one, regardless of whether it was unexpected or predictable. The relatives of the bereaved have to cope with their emotions at an especially difficult time. Grief makes it hard to deal with the organizational needs of a funeral.

We would like to help you by providing an overview of the steps needed in case of a death in the family.

First, you should contact a doctor, either your GP or the emergency medical telephone number 112. He or she will fill out the death certificate. Next we recommend contacting our funeral service. We understand what is needed and can provide support at any time of the day or night.

Tel.: 09571 - 8976-5

To complete the process we need a few important documents, which you should have ready. If some documents are not to hand, we can help you to obtain them.

Which documents are required?

Single persons: Birth certificate and identity papers or passport.
Married persons: Marriage certificate and identity papers or passport.
Divorced persons: Marriage certificate, divorce decree absolute and identity papers or passport.
Widowed persons: Marriage certificate, death certificate of the partner and identity papers or passport.

In addition, you should have the health insurance chip card to hand and any insurance policies, together with the pension number, if applicable. If the deceased had taken out insurance to cover funeral costs or has the rights to a grave, we would need those documents, too.